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Food Glorious Food

I love food!  The flavours, the textures, the colours, the smells and the variety.  I love it all!  I do not deny myself anything and I believe in the saying "everything in moderation".  In particular, I adore chocolate.  I have a piece of chocolate everyday after dinner with a cup of tea and I relish this treat.  I am a constant grazer and I eat little and often.  And it seems to work for me.  I am the same weight and size as I was twenty years ago and I am happy with that.

People can get obsessive about food and exercise.  I try to keep everything balanced.  I eat well and I exercise every day.  I do not skip meals and I eat about every three hours.  So, on an average day, I eat probably six times a day.  My eating schedule usually goes like this.  Breakfast.  Snack.  Lunch.  Snack.  Dinner.  Snack.  It works for me and I am not one of those people who can go hours without eating.

When I was getting chemotherapy, I remember sitting next to a man one day who had stomach cancer.  He could not eat and had to be fed through a tube.  He told me that he had not eaten for months.  Imagine that, not being able to eat, at all.  I thought that this was just so sad.  I really enjoy eating and I have many happy memories of family occasions that are based around the dinner table eating.  Imagine now for one moment if you could not eat.  How would you feel?  Pretty awful I imagine.

I no longer antagonize over my weight and size.  I am happy in my own skin.  I am a healthy weight for my age and height.  Yes it fluctuates, sometimes I put on some weight, sometimes I loose too much weight.  However I try to keep it around an optimal weight for me.  I no longer get hung up on my clothes size but concentrate more on how the clothes look and feel.  Sizes may vary in different shops anyway so in one shop you might have to go a size up and in another a size down.  So what!  As long as you look and feel good about yourself, who cares what size clothes you are wearing.  Everyone is different anyway.

Do not compare yourself to anyone else.   You are you and we are all unique.  And that is what makes us all great!  Enjoy every day and remember a little of what you fancy won't do you any harm.

See you soon,