Issie: I Love Exercise                                                          

I Love Exercise

One of the things that I am passionate about is exercise.  I simply love exercise!  My favourite hobby has to be walking and I walk every day.  I aim to walk for at least thirty minutes a day but on a good day, I find that an hour's walk is fantastic.  Where I live in West Cork in Southern Ireland, I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by amazing scenery and walkways.  The roads are quiet, rural and very enjoyable to wander along.  I am surrounded by sea and mountains and it is one of life's pleasure's to admire these at a walking pace.  I am quite happy to walk alone and it gives me time to think surrounded by peace and quiet.

The changeable Irish weather is a factor that I always take into consideration.  It can often be damp, foggy, windy and wet along the South West Coast of Ireland.  So this Winter I treated myself Ski Pants, Jacket and Boots to ensure that I continued my daily walks.  The weather should not stop you getting out and about in the fresh air!  In fact, it can be invigorating to walk headlong into the wind and rain once you are properly attired!

The health benefits of daily exercise are outstanding.  I feel great, I look healthy and I am fit.  I exercise because I enjoy it and it is superb for my mental and physical health.  I do not want to get cancer again and I firmly believe that the fitter and healthier that I am, the better my chances of not getting a recurrence are.  I aim to walk five kilometres (four miles) a day and I usually reach this goal.

I would strongly encourage all of you to consider taking up an exercise that you thoroughly enjoy.  It is really important to pick something that you enjoy doing because if you do not enjoy it, you will quickly give it up.  Walking works for me, but another exercise might work for you.  Start by doing thirty minutes a day and commit to doing that for a month.  Apparently it takes twenty eight days to enforce a habit so please be patient and give it a chance.  I promise you will reap the benefits and your body and mind will thank you for it.  I also have one or two people whom I admire for their commitment to exercise and perhaps if you also pick a mentor, it might help you alone.

Happy Walking Everyone!  Get out there and get active!

See you soon,