Issie: Triple Positive                                                          

Triple Positive

When my cancer results came back, my particular cancer was triple positive.  It was positive for estrogen receptor's, positive for progesterone receptor's, and positive for human epidermal growth factor receptor's.  Without going into too much medical detail, I was just delighted that my cancer was triple positive.  It certainly sounded good to me.

In life, I believe that you have to stay positive, regardless of your particilar situation.  Have an "Always look on the bright side of life" type of attitude.   Admittedly, some days can be harder than others but have little sayings or mantyras that you can say to yourself to motivate you and keep you going.  Basically, I believe that you have to pull yourself together, put your lipstick on and face the world smiling!  Plan nice treats and events for yourself, go somewhere beautiful for a day trip, have a freshly ground coffee and eat that creamy cake!  Life is short and many of us take our health for granted.  Enjoy every minute of every day and love those around you with all of your heart.