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What Happened Next

Time goes so quickly!  I cannot believe that 2014 is nearly over.  So much has happened and it's all good.  My hair has grown back, I am completely back to full health and I am bursting with energy.  Any day that I can get up out of bed and dress myself is a good day.  I am happy and content.  I think that a cancer diagnosis takes time to sink in.  I have been through so much but now I am out the other side stronger and most definitely a better person.  It may sound strange, but in many ways it was the best thing that ever happened to me.  More good has come out of it than bad.  I have such compassion and empathy for other people now.  I truly understand suffering, pain and uncertainty.

I had another operation in January, 2013.  Just cosmetic work, but daunting all the same.  I do not like the drains, which you can see this in the photo below.  They are attached into the skin and drain away internal fluid.  I can tell you that it is not much fun having these removed!  The radiotherapy damaged my skin and internal tissue so the plastic surgeon was trying to fix my breast with this surgery.

This was followed by more surgery in February, 2014.  My right breast needed a further procedure due to internal scarring.  And we also decided to do some work on my left breast to make it more symmetrical with the right breast.  I had another stay in hospital, more drains, many stitches, painkillers and recovery time.

I am also living my life to the full.  I completed a masters degree in June, 2014 and I also changed jobs in 2013.  I like to keep myself busy and I need to be occupied and challenged.

We had my eldest son's, Tom's First Holy Communion in May, 2013 and I was so proud to be there.  When I got my cancer diagnosis, my children were 3 and 6 years old.  They are now 7 and 10 years old.  I am so delighted to have gotten to spend this precious time with them.  We take life for granted and assume that we will be there for our children.  I want to be at their sides for all of the milestones in their lives.  We should never assume anything so enjoy every minute that you have with your family.

Every day is a bonus.  There is a saying "Enjoy every day as if it's your last because one day, it will be".  I live by this quote.  I am very happy within myself.  I am at peace and accepting of life.  Nobody knows what lies ahead of them.  I believe in thinking positive.  Treat others as you would like them to treat you.  And above all else, keep smiling!  :-) xxx