Issie: Things To Do Before You Die.                                                          

Things To Do Before You Die.

Imagine if you were told you only had one year to live.  What would you do?  Would you change anything?  Would you fulfill lifelong dreams and ambitions that you had been putting on the long finger?  Would you become bitter and resentful, or would you live out every day smiling and happy?

I feel as if I have been given a second chance at life.  I have had a massive health scare and it is a life changing event.  True, my survival rate for the next 5 years is 92%, but I think those odds are pretty dame good!  Every day in the hospital I see people who really do only have a year to life and I wonder what they will do with that last year.  We all have a wish list of things that we want to do and we just never seem to have the time to fulfill these dreams

In the last year, thanks to my cancer, I have done many wonderful things that I would never have done if I had not had cancer.  These are the positive things that have unfolded for me, and I am truly grateful for them.  Perhaps they may be simple things, but sometimes the simple things bring us the most happiness.  When you are faced with a life changing event, you quickly realise what matters the most to you in life, friends, family and just having time to live and enjoy every day.

Over the winter, I was able to drop and collect my children from school everyday.  Then we came home, did the homework and relaxed.  So the children definitely benefited from having me at home full time.  I bought a horse and hacked out everyday that I could over the winter.  If I had been working, I could not have done that.  I also got 4 chickens and they have been so much fun!  I planted a flower bed in the Spring, something I would never have dreamed of doing before.  I go cycling every weekend with the children now and it is fantastic.  I had time to catch up with family and friends too which has been amazing.  These are all things that I would never have had time to do before.  All of these simple things have been the silver lining to being diagnosed with cancer.

The most precious gift we have is time.  Going on a world cruse or buying a sporty car is simply not on my wish list.  All I now want is to have happy times with my family and friends.  I want to help other people  who are going through what I have just gone through.  Live your life for the day and enjoy it.  Do not have regrets, accept your failings, do not repeat them and learn from them.  Life is not a fairytale and this is definitely not a dress rehearsal.  It may not go exactly as you had planned it, but it can still be great fun.  Turn negatives into positives, be nice to everyone and great things will come your way.

As Forrest Gump would say "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get".  

Live every day as if it is your last, because some day, it will be.  Get your wish list out and start living your dreams!