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What Happened Next.

I got the results of the operation 2 weeks after the operation in September, 2011.  Even though there was nothing surprising, it was still strange having everything confirmed.  I had three tumors, each measuring 1.5mm, 7mm and 4 mm.  They were tiny, but there.  I had 8 cm of DCIS.  The medical term for my cancer was T1, No, Mx, Stage 1, Grade 3.  And I was Triple Positive for Oestrogen, Progesterone and Her 2.

While all of this might sound very technical, you quickly learn what it all means!  And basically, it meant that I needed 6 months of Chemotherapy, 12 months of Herceptin and 6 weeks of Radiotherapy.  Followed by 5 years of Tamoxfin.

Sitting here now on Wednesday 31st May, 2012, I have finished my chemo.  Yes, it was tough going, but I did it and I'm out the other side.  I am nearly finished the radiotherapy and to be totally honest, life is good.  In fact, I truely believe that it is even better that it was this time last year, before I was diagnosed.  I have seen people at their worst in the chemo ward, and I have seen the unbelievable kindness and genuine love of family, friends and the whole community.  The whole experience has brought more positives than negatives.

Life is better after a cancer diagnosis.  You appreciate the smallest things.  It humbles you.  It makes you appreciate people.  We truely do not know how lucky we are.  I am just so happy to be alive right now!  :-) x

A photo of with with Professor Paul Redmond on the left and Hairdresser Kevin Ryan on the right at a breast cancer charity fundraiser in the Marybouragh Hotel, Cork on Sunday20th May, 2012 which was organised by the Transition Year Students of Mount Mercy School, Cork.  I was a guest speaker to over 320 people and it was a superb event!